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Esin Karliova

San Francisco
I am a certified interior designer, who has been practicing design in the Bay Area for the last 13 years. I am caught in between the worlds of interior design and architecture, working on full house remodels; detailing out exterior envelopes one day, and designing details of cabinets and finish materials the next day. I am in this unique position that puts me between the cracks. I also have residential design experience under my belt mostly. And no matter how large or complicated my projects are, the commercial design world does not want to recognize my experience as "worthy" design experience to hire me and let me cross over the other fields within design. Lastly, there is no path for me, as a sole practitioner, to get licensed. You can talk to me about any of the above, and more! I teach at UCB Extension, volunteer with the AIA and the OWA.