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Francis Pitts FAIA

Troy, NY
Frank was born and spent an all too brief childhood near the Atlantic Ocean in New Bedford, Massachusetts. In what he hopes is mid-passage, he finds himself splitting his time between offices on the far-western coast of New England in Troy, New York and on the exotic island of Martha’s Vineyard. While his wife and daughters wonder how it is possible, given the obvious need to repaint the house and replace a few windows, he buys groceries by serving as the Managing Principal of ARCHITECTURE +, a 30 person collective pretending to be a capitalist organization. Fittingly, Mr. Pitts has earned a small reputation for his skills in designing libraries (he's an avid reader) and for his work with facilities designed for the mentally ill, developmentally disabled and criminally insane (to know him is to understand why). Pending the late onset of a midlife crisis, Mr. Pitts has served as the President of the Academy of Architecture for Health and as President of the American College of Healthcare Architects. He recently was haplessly elected national Vice President of the American Institute of Architects.  He is currently working on innovative behavioral health projects throughout the United States and Canada. Mr. Pitts was elected 2015–2016 AIA Vice President at AIA Convention 2014 in Chicago